NEWS - Euronews documentary on EnergyPoplar

Euronews documentary on EnergyPoplar


EuroNews Television, the public European leading 24-hour information network, is currently working on a TV documentary on latest European research on the development of new bioethanol sources.

For this report, EuroNews has chosen the project Energypoplar. The research activities being performed in the framework of Energypoplar will be presented. The broadcast team will visit poplar plantations and laboratories in France (INRA-Nancy, INRA Orléans) and the UK (Imperial College).

The report will be a coproduction between EuroNews and the European Commission. This documentary will be aired in July (1st to 7th) and August 2010 for a whole week (22 times) in the award-winning program Futuris on European science and research. It will be broadcast to 130 countries in EuroNews´ eight broadcasting languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic). The report will also be translated and broadcast in Turkish, Japanese and Chinese in different public TVs in Turkey, Japan and China. 

THURSDAY 1 July            18:45
FRIDAY                          01:45      09:45      13:45
SATURDAY                     06:45      12:15      17:45     22: 45
SUNDAY                        10:45      14:45      20:45
MONDAY                        09:15      18:45     
TUESDAY                        01:45       13:15     18:15

WEDNESDAY 7 July          01:45       10:15     16:45 


To see the documentary, please go to:

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