INRA Transfert (IT)

Location : Paris / France
Leader : Luc OZANNE
Website :


INRA Transfert is a project management consulting company specialized in the field of innovating technologies arising from agriculture-related research. INRA Transfert’s team manages the technology portfolio of INRA and supports development of innovative start-up companies. Through its "European projects" activity, INRA Transfert assists the key players in Research and Innovation in setting up and managing their European research projects and networks.

Thanks to a team combining scientific background and management skills, the Europe department of INRA Transfert has a strong expertise in:

Additionally, in view of dissemination of the project results, INRA Transfert put at the disposal of the project the unique expertise holds by its Technology Transfer department in:


Project Management: INRA Transfert will lead the Workpackage Management (WP6) and be in charge of the administrative and financial, work, risk management and logistics.

Staff members’ profile:

Luc Ozanne holds a master of science in agronomy. He started his professional career as assistant coordinator of an FP5 project. He turned to international market analysis and then moved to INRA Transfert to set up and manage European research and development programmes funded by the 6th Framework Programme.

Dr. Enric Belles-Boix holds a licence in Biochemistry, a Ph.D. degree in Plant Biotechnology  and a Master in Management. After a postdoctoral research experience in plant development and the management of a FP6 project at the INRA-Versailles, France, he joined INRA-Transfert to be in charge of European Research and Development FP7 Projects.


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