SweTree Technologies (STT)

Location : Ume / Sweden
Leader : Magnus HERTZBERG
Website : www.swetree.com


SwETree Technokogies AB was established in 1999 with the aim of providing innovative technologies to significantly improve the value and productivity of trees and wood fibers and develop trees with high energy value. Swetree currently employs 10 full time employees plus additional part time employees. STT has extensive knowledge of developing and generating patents based on research in company as well as through interactions with university researchers especially in the area of forest biotechnology. Swetree has applied for 75 patents in areas that cover seedling vigour, clonal forestry, fibre modification, biomass and bioenergy production. Swetree has already lincensed products to BASF plant science and currently collaborates with BASF plant science in several areas.


Swetree technologies will provide transgenic plants with altered lignin content and increased biomass production for field testing and saccharification potential. Swetree technologies will also provide expertise in dessimination of key findings and transfer of technology developed during the course of project.

Staff members’ profile:

Dr. Magnus Hertzberg will supervise the work within STT. He is a plant molecular biologist with 12 years of experience working with forest biotechnology. Dr. Hertzberg is head of molecular biology at STT and is in charge of the daily operations in the STT molecular biology laboratory which currently employs 7 people.

Laboratory website : http://www.swetree.com

Mats Johnson is the CEO of SweTree Technologies. He has more than 20 years of global commercial experience in the fields of biotech supply and drug discovery, from companies such as Pharmacia Biotech, Amersham Biosciences and KaroBio. He has held a variety of positions, including Director of Molecular Biology Systems and Vice President of Proteomics at Amersham Pharmacia Biotech and he was Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at KaroBio.

Prof. Torgny Näsholm, CSOTorgny Näsholm is Professor in Ecology and Nutrition at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and SLU (Umeå Plant Science Centre). SLU is a centre of excellence including some 150 scientists working with experimental plant biology. Torgny has a long track record in plant ecology and nutrition and is the inventor of both the arginine fertilizer technology as well as the D-amino acid marker technology.

Dr. Sven-Erik Sköld is VP R&D. Sven-Erik Sköld has a PhD in molecular biology from the Department of Molecular Biology, Biomedical Centre, Uppsala University. He joined Pharmacia Biotech in 1982, and continued his career with Amersham Biosciences and GE Healthcare. With 25 years of experience in global project and line management, Sven-Erik has held positions including Project Manager, Department Director R&D and Director Science & Technology. He joined SweTree Technologies in 2005.


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