Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)

Location : Gent / Belgium
Leader : Wout BOERJAN
Website : www.vib.be


The Department of Plant Systems Biology of the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology has 15 research groups among which a proteomics group, a large (n=28) bioinformatics group, a mathematical modelling group, and a functional genomics group. The Bioenergy Group at VIB has experience in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology on trees. Poplar has been used as model system for over 13 years. The Bioenergy Groups has experience in genetic transformation of poplar, metabolite profiling, transcript profiling and molecular analysis. In addition, the group has close interaction with poplar breeders, has made genetic maps of three Populus species and has experience in QTL mapping. This group has made a series of transgenic poplar with defects in lignin biosynthesis and was involved in the first field trial with transgenic poplar.


Wout Boerjan is leader of WP2. His group will be involved in analysing new transgenic poplar deficient in monolignol coupling, by various analyses: overall phenotype, molecular analysis, metabolic and transcript profiling, FTIR, EM and saccharification.

Staff members’ profile:

Prof. Wout Boerjan is professor at Ghent University and leads the Bioenergy group at the Department of Plant Systems Biology at VIB. He has 20 years of research experience in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry, and has been heading the group for 13 years. He has 71 A1 publications, is elected fellow of IAWS, associate editor of Tree Genetics and Genomes and advisory board member of EpoBio and FuncFiber. His main interests are lignin biosynthesis and genetic mapping. He has been involved in previous EU funded programs aimed at studying lignin biosynthesis: OPLIGE, TIMBER, AIR/LAC, COPOL, EDEN, as well as in POPYOMICS and EvolTree, aimed at studying the genetics of yield traits in poplar.

Laboratory website : www.psb.ugent.be/the-ipb-division/bio-energy

Dr. Kris Morreel is postdoc and has 9 years of research experience in metabolic profiling using HPLC-MS and GC-MS. The lab recently expanded its metabolite profiling platform with an UPLC, a chiralyzer and an FTMS. He is specialised in identification and structure elucidation of phenylpropanoid and monolignol pathway compounds, and in small coupling products of monolignols (small lignins). Ir. Véronique Storme is research scientist and has 13 years of experience in molecular biology, genetics, QTL analyses, and more recently also in microarray analyses.


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